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EX101-Copyrighted in 1909 by Martin, a Kansas Real Photo
guy who was the best of the bunch in this field.  Seamless is how
I think of him.  Not all cards are equally available, ranging from common to rare.  All are splendid.  This shows a wagon hauling sugar beets  in Colo. and is fairly scarce.  Cancel from Colorado, Sept. 1, 1910.  Some writing on back but, overall, Ex.
EX102-A Martin real photo which pictures, "Peach Canning Time-
on the farm."  Copyright 1910. Un, near Mint.
$55.00 SOLD
EX103-A Martin real photo, "Taking our Geese to market." copyrighted in 1910 by Canadian Post Card Co. Toronto.  This is a Martin card although it is marked, as many are, by this company.  Un, near Mint
EX104-"Harvesting wheat in Penna." Copyrighted in 1930  from Toronto'
Pencil wob. EX
EX105-"Feeding time" for a couple of giant pigs. Martin real photograph, 1909.Cancel from Baldwin, Kans, 1910. Wob, VG+
EX106-"A Pumpkin of Powerful growth." A Martin real photo published by Canadian Post Card Co.
1910. Canceled in Canada but faint.  Wob EX
EX107-"Shipping a few of our peaches."  Martin real photo, 1909. Kansas City logo printed on back. No cancel but light handwriting.  EX
EX109-"A Unique Bungalow" shows a group of Blacks living around their giant watermelon.  Copyrighted 1910.Canceled from Edmonton, 1911. Toronto card but obviously Martin's work
EX110-Several young men with one climbing a ladder to reach these tomatoes.  Copyrighted 1909 by Martin. Cancel, Pa., 1913.  One tiny dent near top, noticeable from back.  VG
EX111-This very large feed bucket and rabbit stand by
a normal-sized boy. Copyrighted 1909 by the Photo Art Shop.  Fairly scarce.  One small tear in bottom border.
Canceled in Chicago, 1919.
EX112-4 owls perch atop this high school in Belle Fourche, S.D.  South Dakota cancel but very faint. Minor creasing at lower right. Message on  back dated 1911.
EX113-"A peach ready for market in Illinois." Real Photo copyrighted by Ritchie Bros.  Centralia, Illinois, 1908
Un, EX
EX114-A bunch of oversized Nappanee onions.  Copyrighted 1909 by C.E. Miller. Canceled from Nappanee, Ind.  in 1911. VG++
EX115-This large beat looks like a Pesha real photo,
but isn't signed.  It's canceled in Michigan as well as the type on front.  Canceled 1913. EX
EX116-A very large onion sits on a wheelbarrow,
another sits to the side. Raised at Horicon, Wisc,
1909.  Extreme right side top  identifies card as an Alfred Stanley Johnson photo.  This is not printed but a real photo as are all the cards
shown here.  Canceled 1910, in Wis.  EX
EX117-A large load of large sugar beets.  A real photo done by Alfred Stanley Johnson, Oct. 30,
1909.  Un, EX
EX118-A truly wonderful photo of "Maid of the Mist" going up one of the falls at Niagara.  The back of the card names Fred Peck as the photographer. Near Mint,